you just bullied me. bullied me. the greatest hypocracy i have ever seen. i thought this was a caring community that had concern for its own people. you're all bullies. REMEMBER THAT! cowards who can't see beyond a book some other f**** wrote that you could've written. you bitches have no confidence to look with your own eyes so you let doctors point your eyes to your shoes. bitchboys and cowardy c**** hiding behind your keyboards acting like you're all better than me because i dont talk or think like you. my great great grandpa was offered to be king twice and he refused out of morality because being king means people die. my family is better than all of you genetic rejects and i dont get cheeky or brag. this is the love that i come from. this is the standard i was raised on, to care and to love. and i come into a world with no standards and no heart and i feel hate for being cheated each and every time i showed my love in this cold and unloving retentive society and i come for consolidation and you spit on me with your pathetic internet egos. f**k you all i hope you all die miserable and lonely you socially deprived bitter losers f**k aspies and autistic people you need to get shat on more if you got a problem go out there and do something rather than taking it out on your own kind you f***ing bitches i hate you pieces of sh** marketing your website like you care about people. you're just living the live you wish you could live in person on the internet because none of you would speak your minds in person i know autistic people they're all pussies. f**k you all all you have is cheek and brainless wit you're all c**** go f**k yourselves. im going to bully every autistic person i meet now. ya you heard me. ive never bullied anyone in my whole life. now im going to bully autistic people because you're all pussies. f**k you.

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Electronic thug. A pale, pimple faced, skinny white kid who would most likely burn up if he came into contact with natural sunlight. Spends all of his time threatening people over the internet to compensate for his lack of a life and hatred of humanity for not accepting him.