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"If I ever see you on craiglist again...ever, I am going to make sure you never sell shit again online from the ass whooping I am going to give you. I am sick and tired of phaggots like you posting shit on craiglist and when it comes down to selling shit, you flake. So listen here ASSCLOWN. If I ever see you advertise one more thing on here, I am going to personally find you and beat the living shit out of you. I'm going to make sure you have a reason not to sell shit on craiglist ever again. You'll be in a wheelchair the rest of your life wondering where you went wrong. If I ever hear of you on here...you better make sure you move states. Because if I find you...like I said...I'll be sure to give you a reason to flake and not to make it to my doorstep with whatever it is you are selling ****.

Tonight when you sit down at your bed, or LIE down, you are going to feel something sharp hard and long up your ass... That is The PENIS!!! Of the Moral man! That makes me your bitch! Ps: Get lost kid, this message is for your mother/sister/sexy cousin/And all of those hotness whose clit I am going to pierce my name on WHY? BECAUSE YOU EXIST! THATS IT!.... NEROOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I saw you here after the Superbowl. You know I'm talking about Niner fans in general. Your entire fanbase is all mouth, and then once they lose the game, they're off hiding again, and bragging about their rings from the 1980's as if anyone other than Niner fans cares about that. It's like bragging about having all the New Kids on the Block albums on cassette. As to Stevie Johnson... great trade for the 49ers. No doubt about it. But the games are played during the season. And the 49ers haven't won anything. You all seem to forget who is the Reigning World Champions. Show some respect and save that little boy "yap yap" for the other puppies. This is Big Dog country right here. Y'all are nothin' but pups and you don't scare anyone in Seattle. We've watched the Niners yappin off at the gums for the last 3 years and do NOTHING. Your team isn't even man enough to admit when they get beat down. You haven't earned any respect, and your team is irrelevant to us. We own you. That is fact. Acquiring a great WR doesn't put you in our league. Winning a championship NOW puts you even with us. Until then, you all keep licking our boots and acting tough. It's good for a laugh.

Ifherp youherp areherp readingherp thisherp thenherp thisherp warningherp isherp forherp youderp. Everyherp wordherp youherp readherp ofherp thisherp uselessherp fineherp printherp isherp anotherherp secondherp offherp yourherp lifederp. Don'therp youherp haveherp otherherp thingsherp toherp doderp? Isherp yourherp lifeherp soherp emptyherp thatherp youherp honestlyherp can'therp thinkherp ofherp aherp betterherp wayherp toherp spendherp theseherp momentsderp? Orherp areherp youherp soherp impressedherp withherp authorityherp thatherp youherp giveherp respectherp andherp credenceherp toherp allherp whoherp claimherp itderp? Doherp youherp readherp everythingherp you'reherp supposedherp toherp readderp? Doherp youherp thinkherp everythingherp you'reherp supposedherp toherp thinkderp? Buyherp whatherp you'reherp toldherp youherp shouldherp wantderp? Getherp outherp ofherp yourherp apartmentderp. Meetherp aherp memberherp ofherp theherp oppositeherp sexderp. Stopherp theherp excessiveherp shoppingherp andherp masturbationderp. Quitherp yourherp jobderp. Startherp aherp fightderp. Proveherp you'reherp alivederp. Ifherp youherp don'therp claimherp yourherp humanityherp youherp willherp becomeherp aherp statisticderp. Youherp haveherp beenherp warned.....derp.

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Whats worse than your christmas tree catching on fire christmas eve? Your christmas tree catching on fire on christmas

Oh yeah? You think its funny that I dont got arms Just wait until someone rolls my wheelchair to your place and... I will totally INSULT YOU! Yeah... You feeling pretty safe here at Horsehead, yeah! Just you wait... Im saying just you wait! I am so gonna insult you just out of the air!

Smoke Weed Every Day

Motherf*cker I've backed up more miles than you've gone forward and pissed more coffee than you've burnt diesel, take a seat, junior. You're a fucking imbecile. In a large vehicle you should have been prepared for the merge that you knew was coming and been in the correct Lane long before it became an issue. You are a bully, a criminal, and a danger to others on the road. There's no excuse for what you did. You wouldn't make a good pimple on a real truck drivers ass.

Bitch please. I'm apart of an organization of dangerous, so secret, and so elite that the only time you're ever going to hear about it is during the last few moments of your life while I cut your heart and eat it with some garlic and olive oil. I've hunted over a thousand dangerous game with my trusty .450 Dakota. Ever shot a truck sized target with a .450 Dakota, boy? That shit turns into pink mist. I could snap your neck without even touching you and your would stop in your tracks taking one look into my steely gaze. I'm just the pinnacle of godliness, so come at me.

you just bullied me. bullied me. the greatest hypocracy i have ever seen. i thought this was a caring community that had concern for its own people. you're all bullies. REMEMBER THAT! cowards who can't see beyond a book some other f**** wrote that you could've written. you bitches have no confidence to look with your own eyes so you let doctors point your eyes to your shoes. bitchboys and cowardy c**** hiding behind your keyboards acting like you're all better than me because i dont talk or think like you. my great great grandpa was offered to be king twice and he refused out of morality because being king means people die. my family is better than all of you genetic rejects and i dont get cheeky or brag. this is the love that i come from. this is the standard i was raised on, to care and to love. and i come into a world with no standards and no heart and i feel hate for being cheated each and every time i showed my love in this cold and unloving retentive society and i come for consolidation and you spit on me with your pathetic internet egos. f**k you all i hope you all die miserable and lonely you socially deprived bitter losers f**k aspies and autistic people you need to get shat on more if you got a problem go out there and do something rather than taking it out on your own kind you f***ing bitches i hate you pieces of sh** marketing your website like you care about people. you're just living the live you wish you could live in person on the internet because none of you would speak your minds in person i know autistic people they're all pussies. f**k you all all you have is cheek and brainless wit you're all c**** go f**k yourselves. im going to bully every autistic person i meet now. ya you heard me. ive never bullied anyone in my whole life. now im going to bully autistic people because you're all pussies. f**k you.

Check out CarVideos for some cool car videos or I'm going to knock you out, fool.

What's green and says "Hey, i'm a frog"? A talking frog.

I laugh at peasants who drink alcohol while clubbing Do you realize how beta you look by standing around with a beer held to your chest? it signals that you're common and uninteresting, and girls wont even look twice at you if you're adopting this classic loser pose. You might as well be wearing a tshirt that says "alcohol makes me less awkward" Classy men drink energy drinks (red bull for the 1%ers) while clubbing. it makes you stand out from the crowd, shows you're not afraid of public opinion, and actually enhances your mind and your wit instead of dulling it. you'll radiate maturity and confidence, which will be in stark contrast to 90% of the other guys there. The absolute highest quality girls in the club will go for the guy who is enjoying an extreme branded caffeinated beverage, savoring the taste and being at peace with his surroundings while 100% sober. High quality girls will likely be into either yoga or working out, and they will value that you take care of your body by choosing energy over a toxin. If you're a frustrated DOAer and you haven't tried this route already, its about time you did.

For your information, asshole, I have seen a lion. And not one of your crap ass queen of the jungle homoerotic pussy-cat lions. A real lion, with fangs and horns and wings and shit. Don't pull your fucking weird ass african voodoo hypnosis crap on me when you don't even know wtf you're talking about. Watch the Brunette Babe spit it out on XERQ: https://xerq.io/threads/366530-The-XERQ-Video-SNWS?utm_source=XERQ-Hot-Threads&utm_campaign=XERQ-Hot-Threads&utm_medium=homepage

Alright, I've had enough of your fucking bullshit. Seriously. I've read just as much, and talked to just as many people you stupid prick. Further, I never said that I could solve that problem only that I've worked on various systems meant to keep something like that from ever happening again. Go shove your self righteous bullshit straight up your fucking asshole. As you said, what happened there was basically a worst case scenario, and some failures were actually lucky. Like the failure of only one battery allowing the blind shear ram to be closed.

Motherfucker I've backed up more miles than you've gone forward and pissed more coffee than you've burnt diesel, take a seat, junior. You're a fucking imbecile. In a large vehicle you should have been prepared for the merge that you knew was coming and been in the correct Lane long before it became an issue. You are a bully, a criminal, and a danger to others on the road. There's no excuse for what you did. You wouldn't make a good pimple on a real truck drivers ass.

One ma cuzins assosicated wif de lifestyle that pac wuz livin n he wuz in gangz all dat stupid shit duirn de time; what really happend in vegas that day wuz it wuznt orlando anderzons stupid uncle that did de hit; it wuz another batch of de cripz a nigga by de name of flow hoo wuz sittin in de passenger seat den de car raced down thru de right side of de street after de hit wuz dun deze niggaz seen newz report thought that pac wuznt gunna die n den dey got another batch of niggaz 2 call death-row tellin em pac guna get finisbhed off. after dey did de hit they thought pac uz gunna live n dey were scared truth wuz comin out, unfortunate pac didnt make it. the reazon 4 de hit wuz cuz of jealously n hate deze niggaz knew pac wuz at mGM grand thru orlando anderson gettin his ass whooped n they juz thought it wld b a perfect plot 2 take him dwn. ma cuzin iz frm da street n diz iz de real deal orlando anderson iz a fukin pussy dat pac blew out buh flow wuz de true shooter flow got popped 6 yearz ago dead.. de nigga dat shot pac pac didnt kno him n had no hate t0ward him it wuz jealouz fueled hit, n they got dere man. pacs been dead and diz iz de truth comin rii frm the streets.

Do you honestly think you're fucking funny, fucking with my friends? Seriously, you're a fucking ugly little cunt mate, and if I ever see you i'm gunna slit your fucking face wide open yeh? You're a fucking angry little fucking spastic. OK, right, let’s, first off, uhh you’re seventeen so you’re not even old enough to play the game, you’re from Scotland not Nigeria and you annoy people and put them on YouTube ‘cos you’re a cunt which I totally agree with. So why don’t you crawl back up your mum’s fanny and die? Right, I’ll tell you what, you fat little cunt, you’re borin’ you don’t sound Nigerian at all so go fuck yourself… GO AND CRAWL IN A DIRTY DANK LITTLE HOLE WHERE YOU FUCKING COME FROM, YOU DIRTY DRAGON EATIN’ LITTLE FUCKING SPASTIC. Right, OK, the ‘dragon’ comment was probably a little bit fucking over-the-top, but at the end of the day you’re fucking borin’. Every single person who watches your videos are fucking stupid. They’re fucking ignorant little cunts. And you’re just a fucking retard.

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Electronic thug. A pale, pimple faced, skinny white kid who would most likely burn up if he came into contact with natural sunlight. Spends all of his time threatening people over the internet to compensate for his lack of a life and hatred of humanity for not accepting him.